We’re committed to engineering creative sustainable solutions for our clients and saving our planet.


Who We Are

LEDWorkshop is a specialised LED Lighting manufacturer and consultancy headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. An Australian owned business; LEDWorkshop combines the collective knowledge of our vast array of partners in the electrical, architectural and engineering fields to develop energy-efficient lighting products for the Australian market.

How We Think

The LED Lighting landscape is becoming increasingly saturated with poor quality products. We recognised this disregard for quality and developed a diverse portfolio locally based on feedback from hundreds of professionals. All commercial products are designed and tested in Australia and through rigorous development, testing and benchmarking we have developed industry-leading products built around a culture of safety and quality.

Why We Perform

LED Workshop works with you to develop tailored LED-based lighting solutions for whatever business you may be in. Our portfolio covers a broad range of projects from industrial high-bay lighting to high-rise commercial plantation lighting. We are always looking for new challenges and aspire to work with our clients to push the boundaries of what is possible with a simple Light-Emitting-Diode.

Contact Us

Telephone: 1300 LED 888

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