Nichia 8W MR16 LED Dimmable Downlight (50W Equivalent)


5 out of 5
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Economical dimmable 8W MR16 LED Downlight with the equivalent output of a 50W halogen.  Over 85% energy savings compared to the equivalent halogen. Long life of 50,000 hours (over 17 years¹).

Each bulb replaced will save over $1200 in electricity and replacement costs during its long lifetime².

Please note: The only known transformers with which this units have issues are the Crompton EXEL60VA aka. LC060VA and the ACTEC Mini60.  For satisfactory operation with these units; two bulbs will need to be wired to each transformer.

•  8W LED bulb with equivalent light output to a 50W halogen.
•  LED Module Made in Japan by Nichia Corporation.
•  Warm white (2700K or 3000K) colour temperature.
•  High output of 570 lumens for 3000K models (Independently tested, click here for results).
•  Emulates the performance of a halogen resulting in class-leading compatibility with 12VAC halogen electronic transformers³.
•  Fully compatible with LED Drivers and electromagnetic halogen transformers.
•  Very good colouring index of over 85 Ra.
•  Dimmable (TRIAC & PWM dimmable).
•  Lifetime of 50,000 hours.
•  Low energy consumption.
•  Clearly defined beam spread.
•  UV- and IR-free light for less heat and protection for heat-sensitive objects.
•  C-Tick approved in Australia for interference-free lighting.
•  5-year warranty and 14 day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

•  Up to 85% energy saving compared with equivalent halogen lamp.
•  Broad compatibility with transformers.
•  Exceptionally long lifetime.
•  No IR- and UV radiation; ideal to illuminate heat sensitive objects.
•  Minimises maintenance costs.
•  Short pay-back period.
•  Ideal for residential, retail, office and commercial applications.
Performance Comparison

3000K 36 Degree Shootout

Philips 6.5W MASTER LED Philips 10W MASTER LED

¹ Based on 8 hours per day typical usage.
² Based on 25c/kWh electricity pricing with 5% increase p/a.
³ Much work has gone into the intellegient driver in this unit to promote maximum compatibility with electronic transformers however occasionally incompatible combinations arise.  If you experience issues such as flickering or failure to illuminate please refer to our Terms & Conditions for the details of our returns policy.

Colour Temperature

2700K (Warm-White), 3000K (Warm-White), 4000K (Cool White), 5000K (Cool/Daylight White)

Beam Spread

36D, 60D

  1. Duncan from Sydney

    5 out of 5

    I have spent a lot of time investigating, buying and testing, to replace about 100 globes in my house. The choice, for mr 16 comes down to 2, Phillips 10w master or Nichia 8w 3000k, both in 60 deg. The Nichia is the closest to a Halogen 50w that you will find. Also I have concluded, through testing that the Osram is the best all round driver ! It uses the least power to drive LEDs and Halogens ! Amazing ! So, in conclusion, Ledworkshop have it covered. I have nothing to do with this company, but am a Physicist/ Engineer, so my testing has been thorough. Hope this review helps others save electricity like I am.

  2. Yannick from Melbourne

    5 out of 5

    Changed over my old GE lights to Nichia 8W LEDs. Quick delivery and would recommended to anyone.

  3. Simon from Melbourne

    5 out of 5

    Swapped over the lights in my apartment to 8W Nichia bulbs from ledworkshop. Service was great and the bulbs are brighter than my halogens! Cheers.

  4. Chris from Newcastle

    5 out of 5

    Got my nichia 8w 60d globes installed with the redback transformers and they are definitely within the league of a halogen replacement. Beam angle seems to be as wide or even wider than the 60d halogens they replaced. 3000k colour also looks very white compared to the halogens without looking blueish.

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