Osram ET Redback 12V Electronic Transformer



The Osram ET Redback electronic transformer is the most cost efficient way to drive our range of MR16 LED downlight globes.  It is fully compatible with all our MR16 LED downlights from all brands and is a great upgrade for older electromagnetic-style transformers resulting in energy savings of up to 50%.  This product must be installed by a licensed electrician.

•  Up to 50% energy saving compared with electromagnetic transformers.
•  Complies with all relevant Australian safety standards.
•  Designed in Australia for Australain conditions.
•  Compatible with trailing-edge and universal dimmers¹².

¹ Compatibility with dimmers is not assured due to the large array of dimmer types on the market.  Please refer to our product returns policy for information regarding this case.ased on 8 hours per day typical usage.
² Do not spec this transformer with a leading-edge dimmer and a 12V MR16 LED downlight.

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